Course Goal

Hacking Healthcare Selective

The current “Gig” economy makes bootstrapping a prototype and business plan for an innovation relatively quick and cheap. Learn how to harness the power of the “Gig” economy to turn your idea into a reality.

But how do you validate your ideas? How do you work with people from a non-medical background?

In this selective, we will learn the basics of ideation, medical entrepreneurship, and working with freelancers to realize your idea.

The intention is to learn by doing, much like a third year clerkship. We will split into teams, each of which will develop and idea, business plan, and (funding pending) work with actual freelancers to make a prototype.

On the last day of this selective, each team will pitch the idea to a panel of entrepreneurs. You will have the benefit of “having done that” once, so your next great idea will be even better.