MedStar Emergency Department Innovation Challenge

We are having an Emergency Department Innovation Challenge to help actualize change in your day to day ED experience.

Step 1

Submit your innovation to or fill out this online form by Friday March 13, 2020.

Step 2

Your colleagues will vote on ideas/solutions with the greatest potential via online survey from March 18 – 27.

Step 3

Crowd-sourced finalists will present a 4 minute pitch to a panel of innovation/entrepreneur experts on Tuesday May 5, 2020 11:30am – 1p at MedStar Corporate in Columbia, Maryland.

The Urgent Physical Therapy Follow up Program – 2019 Winner

Munish Goyal, John Brickley, Lindsay Batson, and Liz Delasobera from the MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, and MedStar Health Urgent Care collaborated to form an urgent referral program for Emergency Department and PromptCare patients to get rapid outpatient physical therapy follow up for painful conditions such as back pain. The program has connected over 150 patients to rapid PT follow up, potentially reducing medication use.

View all 2019 finalists on

How to Enter

By midnight Friday March 13, 2020 use the online form or send an email to that includes the following:

  • The problem you are addressing

    What’s the problem?

  • The Solution

    Description of the solution including how to implement.

  • Value Proposition

    What value does the innovation offer?

  • Metric

    Some way to measure success.

  • Why it may not work

    All innovation may not work

  • Your team

    Your Team members, the hospital or entity they work at, and their contact info (up to 5 people/team)

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Who can Enter

All MedStar Emergency Department nurses, physicians, APCs, and techs are invited to submit innovations.

Submissions can be individual or as part of a team (max 5 people per team).

Submissions coming from a multidisciplinary team or group are welcome as well as those coming from individuals, since as we all know, the provision of emergency care is a team sport.

An individuals can be part of up to five submissions (ie if you have more than one innovation, submit up to five total.)

The winning two teams will be able to nominate two members per team to become Emergency Medicine Transformation Fellows.

The Finals

Crowd-sourced finalists will present a 4 minute pitch to a panel of innovation experts on Tuesday May 5 11:30am-1p at MedStar Corporate in Columbia, Maryland.

Everyone will win by bringing ideas and solutions into our collective consciousness. However, two exceptional ideas will win the competition at the finals. Each winning team can nominate two members to become Emergency Department Transformation Fellows (4 total from the event).

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Benefits of Competing

  • Two members from the two winning teams (a total of 4) will become Emergency Medicine Transformation Fellows.

  • Transformation Fellows who are nurses/techs will be paid an addition 2 hours per week for a year to work on their projects. Transformation Fellows who are physicians / APCs will receive a time buy down of 2 hours per week for a year to work on their projects.

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What is Innovation Anyway?

Innovation is somewhat hard to define. It’s something that would make your colleague or friend say, “That’s a good idea, why didn’t I think of that.” Sometimes, it is taking one idea and combining it with another, like putting four wheels on a suitcase to make it easier to use in the airport (device innovation). It can be a big business model innovation like Uber (some more examples here) or a smaller innovation like a quarterback sleeve to assist nursing with documentation (check out some more MInnovations at MedStar here). But it is also more than an idea, it is about how to execute that idea to create value.

You can view finalists from the 2019 Emergency Department Innovation Challenge here.

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Expectations of winners

  • Fellows will meet with a mentor once a month to help propel their idea forward.

  • Fellows will present progress quarterly.

  • Fellows are expected to make their idea a reality within the MedStar system

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